September 12th, 2019

 Press Release

Piotrek published Joint development program with Australian Govermental Research Organization,
CSIRO for  Li metal anode of Solid state Electrolyte LIB cell production technology

  March 4th, 2019

Exhibition Report on Battery Japan 2019

       Battery Japan 2019 has been held in TOKYO Daiba International Ezhibition Holl (Bigsight) during 27th February to

                     March 1st, 2019.

                     We are very pleased to report 60,000 admission and 600 people visiting our booth during those three days to entartain

                     introducing our ICPm system technology and LIB battery materials for next-generation LIB model.

       In particular, cutomers from overseas are intentionally inerested in approaching us and we could be ascertained as a  

                     prospective development works and expected in a realistic technology from commercial and industrial aspects.


 Press Release

Succesful development of Ion Conductive binder for ideal closed pack structreelectrode to enhance a stable and efficient conductive network !!

    For Next Gen. LIB application, a binder for electrodes of LIB should be altered from non-conductive material to a conductive

            binder for any expectation to improve Li + ion transfer inside of LIB cell. This requirements are increasingly expanded to

            promote Solid state electrolyte LIB application as one of Next-Gen. LIB model.    

           Our Iond Conductive binder is to construct stable and uniformly adhesive connections among each particlel of active

           materilasl to lead out making uniform conductive networks as well as soft  and flexible parts to absorb swelling and shrinking

           operation in Charge and Discharge reactions. Details of specific properties shall be refered in other information.

                        Base structure of
                                                              Specific connection parts

CBC binder recipe -Closed Pack
Conventional bionder recipe
Surface photo on SEM
Cross Sectoin Photo of SEM

Press Densityu  2.8 g/cc
Press Density  2.6 g/cc

   Keeping shapes by soft and flexible properties
  Cracking and broken by hard connection properties  

    As shown above, CB binder helps reducing conductive carbon and binder itself to perfm the optimum formulation of each

            electrode by increasing an amount of active materials in the formulation.    


            Please contact us to obtain more information and to try evaluating CB binders in comparison with conventional binders.