Product List

    1. Solid state Electrolyte-ICPm Conductive membrane
       GARNET, NASICON, Sulfide SE electrolyte membranes   

  2. Ion Conductive Binder for Cathode and Anode elecrodes@@@

  3.  Ionic Liquid Electrolyte    and   Ionic Liquiid itself            

  4.  Li salt            LiTFSI  and  LiFSI , in particuoar Ultra High Purity grade as LiFSI UHP  grade

 5.  Process technology for coating ICPm on Separator@@@@@@@@@@@@@    

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@                           Products for Next-Gen. LIB

Products@Table@@@@ ‚m‚…‚—‚Œ‚™@‚‰‚Ž‚”‚’‚‚„‚•‚ƒ‚‰‚Ž‚‡@‚rolid state Electrolyte Conductive membrane ! !.

Product Name

This is composed by Polyvynilidene
fluoride polymerized with Ionic Liquid.

It is available to make electrodes having
an ideal conductive network with viscose
and elastic adhesive properties to obtain
a close-packed structure by a proper
mixing with conductive agents.
4 grades of Ionic Liquid are standard
grades on sales. In case of your specific
request to make new grade, please consult
with us.

For zero solvent electrolyte application, it is
recomendable to utilize ionic liquid recipe
of electrolyte doping a supporting salt.

Also, it is available to supply an electrolyte
adaptable for high voltage LIB application
at higer than 4.5 V.
The conductive membrane made with various
solid electrolytes are available to formulate with
our Ion Conductive Pomyer matrix, Please
consult with us.
Product measure
For Cathode electrode
PIOXCEL CBC5210FP@Standard
PIOXCEL CBC5430FP@Hi-dispersion(*)

For Anode electrode
PIOXCEL CBA9150FP    Standard
PIOXCEL CBA9230FP    Hi-dispersion(*)
(*)This grade is applicable for close-  
packed structure to enhance dispersible
effect of conductive agent.
Product NameF@@  CodeF
@MI-200T@@@@@   EMI-TFSI
@VI-200F@@@@@    EVI-FSI
@BI-200F@@@@@@ EMI-FSI
@AI-200F@@@@@@ AOI-FSI
@BDI-200F@@@@@  BDMI-FSI
@DO-200F@@@@@   DBDM-FSI
@DA-200F@@@   @   DAA-FSI
@MOE-200F@@@ @  MOETMA-FSI
@HA-200F@@@@@   TMHA-FSI
@DM-200F@@@@@  DEME-FSI
@PY-200F@@@@@   MPY-FSI
@BP-200F@@@@@   BMPY-FSI
@MP-200F@@@@@  MPP-FSI
Supply package:
@25g, 50g, 100g net bottle. In case of more
   volume, please consult with us
LiMe-CP Series
@Product NameF@@SE kindsF
@40‚˜40‚‚ 5 sheets/box@@@@@
@20‚˜20‚‚‚˜4 piece/sheet@5sheets / box@
Standard price
Standard grade            US$ 750.00
Hi-dispersional grade   US$ 950.00
                                        per 500g
1250 g bottle of MPPy-FSI at US$3900.00
For other grades,  please consult with us.
 40‚˜40‚‚@5 sheets / box US$ 3,200.00

 20‚˜20‚‚‚˜4 piece /sheet@
@@@@@@@ 5sheets/box@US$ 3,400.00
@On your specific request as a certain development program, all the offering condition should be reconsidered under collaboration stage quotation.

   Let's contact us and start a business exploitation.
Product Name



Coat agent for active materials particles &
Polymer Filler for electrodes formulating
with solid electrolyte.
To improve boundary resistance of solid
electrolyte itself, active materials'
particles, various coat agents are available
in each application. Coat agent is also
available for Li metal foil.
For Solid Electrolyte application, this
product is available as a barrier between
your electrolytes and collector. You could
measure a conductivity of your solid
electrolyte under a stable measuring
For Solid Electrolyte application, this product is
available to use by interposing it with these
sheets. You could measure a conductivity of
your solid electrolyte under a stable measuring
Product measure
ESE coat agent TREKLITE         CA300SE

EHi-nickel Active materials
@coat agent@@@@@@@@@ CA400AM
EBuffer coat agent on Li metal  CA500LM
ECathode electrode
@polymer filing agent@PF-C300
EAnode electrode
@polymer filling agent@PF-A100
Free standing sheet@TP-CM3100-SLM

@Measure  F40‚˜40mm@5 sheets / box
@                   20‚˜20‚‚‚˜4 piece / sheet
@                                  @5 sheets / box@

SUS304          30ƒÊm t@TP-CM3100-SUS
Aluminium@   15ƒÊm t@TP-CM3100-ALS
Copper sheet  10ƒÊm t   TP-CM3100-CUS

Film thickness is available at
‡@20ƒÊm ‡A50ƒÊm ‡B90ƒÊm grades.
Standard Price
Please consult with us. @40‚˜40‚‚@5 sheets / box US$ 1,800.00

@20‚˜20‚‚‚˜4 piece /sheet@
@@@@@@@ 5sheets/box@US$ 2,000.00
@40‚˜40‚‚@5 sheets / box US$ 1,800.00

@20‚˜20‚‚‚˜4 piece /sheet@
@@@@@@@ 5sheets/box@US$ 2,000.00

Conductive Materials for Proper Assessment of Solid Electrolyte catalogue  dma4-en.pdf

Product Name
@@Closed Pack structure Electrodes@@

Graphite Anodse electrode

@Surface photo by SEM@@@Structure

@Cross Swection photo            NCM622  
Closed Pack structure Electrode  Produc‚“

@@@@Cathode A4 size@@@Anode A4 size @

@@@@Roll form Cathode@@Roll form Anod@@



LiFSI UHP grade  

LIB Cell fabrication

on consigne contract
The Closed Pack electrodes perform
Superior advantages in comparison with
conventional binder type electrodes on
Less IR drop, Stable cycle property, Higher
Rating and Low temperature property.

For Next-Gen. LIB application, this closed
pack sturucture electrodes are definitely
required to control interfacial resistivituy on

surface  of Solid state Electrolyte layer.@@
Pure grade available as 3N and
Ultra High Pure grade for LiFSI

     Detail in condition of consignment
    Tests shall be consulted to us.
Product measure

@LCO@@Lithium Cobalt Oxide
@NCA      NiCoAl Oxide
@NCM     NiCoMnOxide
@@@NCM622,     NCM811@
@LFP      Lithium Iron Phosphate
@Spec.F@One side, Both side coating
@@@ @@in A4 size sheet and Roll form
@@@@@ Coating width  100mm
@CapacityF   One side unit
@@@@          ‡A@2.2mAh/cm^2
@@@@          ‡B@3.0mAh/cm^2

@Natural Cubic graphite
   LTO     Lithium Tin Oxide

@Spec.F@One side, Both side coating
@@@ @@in A4 size sheet and Roll form
@@@@@ Coating width  100mm

@CapacityF   One side unit
@@@@          ‡A@2.‚RmAh/cm^2
@@@@          ‡B@3.‚QmAh/cm^2

@Please select grade from above capacity.
@Available to supply 3 or 6 sheets set
   and longer than 5 meter in roll prodct.

Package si used of Polyethylene
Plastic Bottle injected with Ar gas and
vacuumed sealing after packed in
Aluminum Zipper bag.

     Materials for tesitng should be  
        almost prepared by us.
Standard Price
Upon your enquiring to us, offer you each
quotation FOB conditions and add
transportation and packaging costs.

Please consult us in case of your specific
electrode makeing order, offer you the
production cost and related costs.
@50g, 100g, 500g suppliable. @

¦@All the prices are net price and added costs of packing and transportation fees.

@Purchase procedure is simply informed you upon request of Product name, specification, quantity.
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@This is the contact details.

  Payment is selected by two methods on issuing Proforma invoice for your Prepaid condition to our associating Bank or Credit card payment
  under our guidance with URL code we inform.


LIB module and device production@


@@@@@Cleanlite Portable bag type

         Power supply with solar cell

MPS2 power supply box

Biaxial Planetary mixer

for processing ICP coating  
on separator

@@@@@@@@@Kakuhunter SK-350T
Kakuhunter SK-350TV/TVS


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