Business Prospect of Next Gen-LIB

The most effective Next Gen-LIB materialas are of selecting by our accumulated expert knowledge, know how and innovativeidea as discover and invention coming from flexible and sensitive noble


               Blue printare our supply product and it relative system technology

   LIB materials        Various SE-ICPm Conductive membrane, Ion Conductive Binder for Cathode and Anode electrodes,

           Ionic Liquid recipe Electrolyte doping Li salt,  Pure purity of Li salt as Li FSI and Li TFSI

           Coating agent and so on

 Closed packed structure Electrodes    Cathode     LFP,      NCA、   NCM622,     NCM811

                                          Anode     Natural Cubic Graphite, LTO,  Silicone,  Lithium metal foil(coming  soon)

 Materials requirements  @Non-inflamable AHigh capacity BHigh conductivity 

                                                CConductive network as a grain   bondary and Interfacial resistivities controlled

 Polymer electrolyte @PEO type AICPmsystem polymer electrolyte Separator Coating agent on sruface of separator

 Solid Electrolyte kinds@GARNET ANASICON BThio derivatives Non-Inflammable Electrolyte   IOnic Liquid Electroyte

 Li salt                       @LiFSI   2N, 3N and Ultra High Purity(UHP) grade    ALiTFSI  2N and   3N grades  

   Next Gen-LIB:

                       Solid state Electrolyte type LIB                            Higj voltage and High capacity type LIB

     Stationary Storage battery   Vihicle battery(EV and others)   Consumer usage battery  Others(medical use) battery

LIB market needs

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