Our Business Fields 

Next-GENE LIB materials                                    Products List
              1.  Ion Conductive Binder

           2.  Ionic Liquid(IL) and IL Electrolyte,NewGlyme and its Comple

               3.  Metal salt for IL Electrolyte,NewLiDFOB for Sulpher Battery, Zn(II)FSI and TFSI, etc.

               4.  polymer Ionic Liquid(IL) for Conductive membraneNew

               5  Thinner Foill of Li metalNewand laminated on Cupper Collector

               6  Solid-state Electrolyte .Garnet type, NASICON, Li2S and otherSulfide Batery materials

                       Argylodite LPSCl, Thio-LISICON, LPS7525 and 7030
             7.  Assessment works foTechnical Consignment  agreement,