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   New  Sodium Ion Battery materialsnow suppliable

   Innovative solution for Li Metal Battery     NEW

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Suppliability of Materials and System Supply


Next-GEN Battery in three major application

(1) Non-imflamable electrolyte for 4.5 V type of LIB 

(2) Solid State Polymeric Electrolyte for Hi-capacity LIB with Li metal anode

(3) All Solid State Electrolyte conductive membrane LIB

Now Completed Basic Technology on core materials and Cell design system

developing since 2017

Concept of New-GEN battery consisting of

Hi-voltage and Hi-capacity

Ionic Liquid Recipe Electrolyte for Hi-voltage and Li metal Cu collector anode for Hi-capacity

Global Marketing with Innovative Materials and Buffer Insulator coating

on Li metal foil to control a generation of dendrite under Next-GEN LIB  technology by contribution with Safety and Security toward consumer

in the world LIB industry 

Ionic Liquid and Electrolyte Product Shop opening NEW

Ionic Liquid Business Field in global market

https: Ionic Liquid -Trekion


Progresing development program on thinner lithium anode in

Polymer battery and Solid state electrolyte LIB applications



Closed Pack Porous structure of Cathode electrode

Prosessing furtherPolymer FIlling process to

be achieved remarkably

Less Interface Resistancy


Grain Boundary Control technology


Cathode Active materials


LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4, NCM811, LiMnO, LFP electrodes


Graphite,  LTO, Li metal anode

Next-GEN LIB development technology

Piotrek and CSIRO to make next-GEN lithium batteries technology for global market

  A new partnership between Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, and Japanese specialist chemical manufacturer,Piotrek, will see Australian-developed battery technologies commercialised globally within the next five years.  

       date              Item of Events
21/10/01 Renewal Starting as Material Supplier for Nex-GEN LIB and Indusrial materialsfor Plastic Processing market.
2019/9/12 Piotrek and CSIRO to make next-gen lithium batteries for global market
2019/3/5 Renewal of home page introducing SE-ICPm technology and Materials.Celebrated Ground Breaking Ceremony at new factory construction site onMarch 22, 2019.
2018/10/11 Success Report on Innovative Conductive Exhibited Solid state Electrolyte(SE) -ICPm system technology installing LIB on Battery Japan 2019 at Tokyo Big-sightduring 27th February and 1st March, 2019
2018/8/6 Binder consisting of ideal conductive network on electrodes !!
2017/11/15 Reporting IMLB 2018 Exhibition in Kyoto

Reporting Battery 2017 Exhibition in Nice, France
2022/8/31 Marketing newly Buffer Insulator coating on Li foil anode